Our expertise

You are a public authority or a company and you want to promote the use of alternative modes of transportation within your community, our team is here to help you. Our joint expertise brings together complementary skills in the areas of urban planning, the implementation of transport services, travel studies and the development of digital tools.

Urban diagnostic and mobility

Mobility can not be disconnected from a territory and from the users habits. To understand a space and its needs, these two components must be studied together in order to design adapted solutions that could be implemented.

Strategic orientation and urban planning

Following the diagnostic previously carried, we construct strategic proposals for the territory and elaborate custom-made scenarios of developpement. Needs adequacy, users consultation, efficiency and sobriety are our priorities.

Deployment of shared mobility services

Our joint expertise and our common passion for bicycles have naturally pushed us towards support for the implementation of shared bike networks. However, our values have forced us to set an additional objective, building them a very low cost. This allows any kind of communities to benefit from this kind of service.

Focus: Evo Bike Share

While our cities are looking for cheap and efficient solutions to reinvent shared mobility, thousands of bikes are sent to the landfill every day. Yet all they would need is a little fix !

Why don’t we do that so that they can reinvest our streets and be used by everyone? ... Well, that's exactly what we do !

Based on the Open Source Bike Share concept, we support communities in the implementation of recycled shared bike services.

From the urban diagnosis to the deployment of the service, our methodology integrates all the stages of production : analysis of the territory and existing infrastructures, urban planning, communication plan, construction of a graphic identity, software and booking tools , bikes deployment and maintenance.

Then, the service works like any network of shared bikes at any time of day and night. To borrow or to deposit a bike, a simple SMS must be sent to our chatbot. This bot, automatically manages the response to users and transmits this information on the management platform accessible online.

The concept Evo Bike Share has been awared with the price of Bike service innovation organized by the "Club des villes et territoires cyclables".

Main reference : Cyclovis

We recently worked with the Soissonais Urban Community to develop the Cyclovis service. This service, funded by the community is now free for its users.

Twenty recycled bicycles are available for the 250 registered users to date. This approach is part of the overall thinking of the community to promote travel in soft modes on its territory. Ultimately, 13 stations should be created and the fleet of bicycles should be expanded to meet the needs highlighted by the study of the Soissonnais territory.

Find Cyclovis on Facebook.

From upstream studies to project management, our team is available and competent to assist your community in all phases of your transition through more sustainable mobility.

Partners of the project :


Our methodology Evo Bike Share is based on two tools that allow users to enjoy the service, and administrators to manage the fleet of bicycles.

Evo Chatbot

The chatbot is an SMS booking and information tool for users.

This adaptable and scalable tool can adapt to all types of shared vehicle fleets. Additional functions can also be added according to the wishes of the community (news, touristics and cultural informations, calendar...)

Desktop interface

Accessible online, this interface can carry all fleet management operations.

This tool is designed for the service manager. It allows, in a glance, to get an overview on the status of the vehicle fleet, their location, usage statistics ...