What if, in a second, you could transform any old bike into an electric vehicle ?

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Key figures

vie quotidienne distances parcourues

98 %

of trips are related to everyday life, representing nearly 60% of the distances traveled.

moins de 3 kilomètres déplacements voiture

50 %

of trips made by car are less than 3 km (15 minutes by bike), half of these trips are less than 1km.

émissions CO2 transports camion

66 %

of The consumption of petroleum products and 35% of CO2 emissions are due to transport in France.

polution mauvaise qualité de l'air

101 billions €

is the annual cost of pollution and poor air quality management in France.

The research for innovative solutions dedicated to everyday life trips is a major challenge for tomorrow’s mobility.

The project

In a second, turn your bike into an electric vehicle !

Evo Pods is an evolutive and adaptable solution that accompanies you on all your trips! Whether traveling with a child, a friend or go shopping, our pods always have an answer to bring. For this, simply get on your bike and get to one of the stations spread across the city.

1 – Dust off your old bike and take it out of the garage !

2 – Simply get to an Evo station

3 – Plug your bike into a pod and turn it into an electric, weatherproof, comfortable and sustainable vehicle.

4 – Go shopping, take your children to school or carry a friend, the possibilities are numerous!

The App

Evo Pods is also an app to simplify the user’s life and to reward ecological practices.

Our values

We are building this project for the collective interest around the values that drive us. With Evo Pods, we want to make a real difference and dream of creating sustainable, inclusive and effective mobility !


Our philosophy is centered around respecting the environment and reducing the impact of our daily travels. Together, by sharing and pooling equipment, we get in the right direction !

Inclusive mobility

Accessibility to transportation and efficient mobility is one of the main causes of inequality in cities. With Evo Pods, let’s make sustainable and efficient mobility accessible to everyone!

Health & quality of life

The impact of our travels on our quality of life and our health is considerable. Sound, olfactory, or visual pollution, here is the reality of existing transportation systems. With Evo Pods, let’s dream of a peaceful city, a fluid traffic and a pure air !

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